Three New Cantook Dashboards

Cantook rings in the New Year with three new Dashboards for the ebook distribution platform.  Great new features and enhancements are upcoming, and some of them are already implemented! Here’s a glimpse of what’s new:

The “To Verify” Dashboard
This new Dashboard identifies titles which may have generated an error or a warning, whether through a batch operation or during delivery to an external platform. Simply visit this Dashboard to see at a glance which titles require action to correct their situation.

The “Market Optimization” Dashboard
Two types of reports are available via this new Dashboard.

Firstly, it displays which titles have been imported without a localized price for each country of sale you have opened. In other words, if you have imported an ebook for sale in Great Britain but have not set price in pounds, this is problematic and will prevent your ebook from being sold in that country.

The second report returns a list of titles which have not been activated for sale on various external platforms.

All you need to do is to click on the total number of problem titles to display them on-screen in the Publications section, filtered and easily identifiable.

This new Dashboard makes it quite easy to target markets which are not utilized to their full potential, and for which a few simple operations (such as adding a price point or activating the title for sale) can ensure that your titles are available for sale.

The “Obligations And Recommandations” Dashboard
The Obligations and recommendations Dashboard provides an overview of your catalog in regards to the status of important validations performed by Cantook when delivering your titles to various resellers.

You will see of the number of titles which have passed, or failed, each validation criteria. If you want to have a more detailed view of your problem titles, click on the total number of invalid ebooks to see the list. It will then be possible to quickly rectify the situation to have a problem-free catalog.

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