What is Propulsion?

De Marque turns 22… thus marking more than two memorable decades of educational and cultural content distribution.

But for the past four years, we have been gradually focusing our efforts on ebook distribution. To this end, we developed Cantook, a technology platform whose uniqueness lies primarily in its user-friendliness, its flexibility and the broad scope it offers its users.

For the roll-out of Cantook — the Digital Warehouse (Version 1) in Quebec in 2008, we partnered with the Association nationale des éditeurs de livres (Book publishers national association, Québec, Canada): an encounter that inserted a collective strand into Cantook’s DNA.

The platform was then adopted, one year later, by a consortium of French publishers named Eden Livres, which was quickly followed by Edigita, a similar Italian-based group. Thousands of titles from hundreds of publishers are now sold every day through Cantook, in a wide variety of sales points throughout more than 25 countries.

De Marque offers publishers much more than a technology platform today. We share an international ebook business network with them.

A network for publishing. A network for distribution. A network for sharing.

A sharing of views on the issues surrounding ebooks and the various strategies we can deploy to face the challenges brought on by the major transformation now underway in this industry. This network allows access to privileged information on what’s going on in the world’s largest markets and affords an opportunity to learn quickly from the experiences of other partners within the same community of practitioners.

Our view is that the experience of operating in small markets can prove useful to players in the large markets, and vice-versa. The same goes for the various national and linguistic markets.

And we firmly believe that Cantook is an ideal meeting-place for publishers wishing to work together on inventing the best methods for disseminating editorial output in a cultural environment with a growing digital component.

This is why, after four years of somewhat low-key Web activity, our on-line presence will grow over the next few months.

Because ebooks can no longer be referred to in the future tense, and because the concept of “everyone for himself” is outdated. Because ebooks are the “here and now”. And because, in this new world, the ability to learn quickly from others’ experiences is a key ingredient of success.

Every posting you see here will be written with this idea – of dialogue and sharing – in mind… because our objective is to move forward, and to help you do the same.

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