Paying it forward

Helping advance the development of open source technology.

Many of our solutions for ebook propulsion rely on the use of open source technology – open source projects, as they are commonly called today. Although our products are not entirely open source, we make some components available to developers through our Github account. And obviously, when the opportunity arises, we help improve the code we use by sharing our enhancements with the community.

We recently decided to take things a step or two beyond the reflective process. A number of technologies have proven highly useful to us, and we are now able to quantify the effort undoubtedly put in by those who created and contributed them. This prompted our decision to make a financial contribution to certain open source projects – to show how much we appreciate these solutions, of course, and also to help ensure their longevity.

Our first financial contribution will be to Mongoid, a tool that helps us interact with the Mongo database system using our code in Ruby. We use this technology to develop our digital loan services. Durran Jordan, the creator of Mongoid, is currently running a fundraising drive so he can spend more time on Mongoid. We wish him every success with his campaign.

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