Cantook, a distribution platform for digital books

Cantook is a one-stop, safe and friendly digital warehousing and distribution platform, allowing you to boost the sales of your digital books. Take your place in a strongly-growing market.


Our complementary marketing services to Cantook help you distribute your digital books

Delivery services

Our delivery services allow you to send free, safe and customized digital copies.

Browsing tool

Our browsing tool allows you to create a “browsable” copy of your digital book, just like a paper book or magazine. This HTML flipbook works on all platforms (including Apple products).

Metadata synchronization service to enable sales on your own website

Our metadata synchronization service allows you to load information about your digital books directly onto your own sales website.


A service to manage digital lending

Our virtual documentation center allows you to acquire digital books from a catalog of thousands of titles and to offer your users the opportunity to consult and borrow books from your collection, while respecting the licenses granted.


Bouquinarium, a simple and quick e-commerce solution to sell your digital books

Bookinarium is an e-commerce solution that is simple and quick to implement and allows you to sell digital books online without having to invest in the technical development and maintenance of a transactional website. Give your website or social network’s visitors the opportunity to purchase digital books from you in just a few clicks.

Digital resources

Access high-quality digital resources online. Practical, accessible and flexible digital content.