Optimize your processes – batch import your publications

Like any other business activity, ebook distribution can also benefit from a search for the best ways to save time and effort while maximizing impact. Process optimization saves you time that you can spend on other activities that are of greater value to your organization. Here’s an example of optimization made possible by Cantook.

If the files you wish to place on Cantook are very large, or you would like to automate your normal and ebook digital workflows, you may want to use a more powerful set of tools than those available directly on the user interface to import files one at a time or in batches. In fact, you can access an option that allows you to batch import files (or metadata) into an FTP server, without logging on through the interface.

Here’s how it works.

First of all, as a Cantook user, you need an identifier and a password for the FTP account. You can get these by contacting our team.

Next, prepare your archive as you would for a batch import via the interface. Import it into your FTP account… and that’s it! In the next little while (60 minutes at most), Cantook will detect the file and start the import.

You can check the status of your import in the Tasks section of your user account, within the platform. You can also receive an email confirmation once the import is complete. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • In your organization’s Profile section, be sure to configure an address in the Technical Manager field of the Contact form.
  • If you’re sending metadata in ONIX format, specify an address in the header of the ONIX message:
    • in ONIX 3: Use the Sender/EmailAddress tag
    • in ONIX 2.1: Use the FromEmail tag

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