New visual identity for De Marque

Those of you with an eye for detail are bound to have noticed a change in the De Marque logo, in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.

Last fall, De Marque embarked on a review of its visual identity. The recent unveiling of our new logo at the Paris Book Fair marked a significant but logical turning point in the history of this company, which was founded in Quebec City in 1990.

De Marque has opted to focus its activities around Cantook, the company’s ebook distribution platform, and we intend to exercise strong leadership on a global scale within this sector, which is experiencing lightning-fast growth worldwide. The change in our visual identity reflects this business decision.

Old Logo De Marque
New logo De Marque 2013

The new logo features a square, expansive, imposing typography that replaces the former italic lettering, placing all of the characters on the same baseline for a strong, balanced look. The stylized “e” is reworked to highlight how much the company, its partners and its ecosystem have evolved. The logo can also be used as a stand-alone in certain applications. Learn to recognize it!

A positioning statement – “The book evolution” – will accompany the new logo. “This phrase defines the company’s ambition to be a key player in the development of the book trade, both now and in the future. It affirms our intention of becoming the driving force behind an extensive network, by leveraging the synergy we have built with all of our partners,” asserted Marc Boutet at the unveiling of the logo.

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