iPhone 6: The Best Smartphone For Ebooks?

So there is a new iPhone coming out. Perhaps you’ve heard? Of course you’ve heard.

At the risk of coming across as “Another iPhone 6 Blog Post” we’re struck with the feeling that the iPhone 6 could potentially become the best smartphone to read ebooks on.

Of course, having physically larger screens and, in turn, bigger screen resolutions than previous iPhone models sure helps strike up a case for this. As it stands, the basic iPhone 6 screen resolution is slightly larger than the 5S, but it’s the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus which will boast a 1920×1080 screen (true HD resolution) giving ebooks much, much more real estate.

Les dimensions des iPhones 5 et 6Physical size aside, the iPhone 6 will have the same pixel density as the iPhone 5S (326 dpi), the iPhone 6 Plus will boast a pixel density of 401 dpi; these numbers are well above the dpi count of most current e-readers, therefore allowing for crisper, cleaner text display.

Despite the new hardware, it’s the impending release of iOS 8 which will help bring it all together. If we roll our memory back to last June, when Apple previewed iOS 8 at the WWDC, it was very quietly announced that iBooks would come pre-installed with the operating system, as opposed to being an optional download. In this light, whether it’s through an upgrade or a new iPhone, iBooks will now be part of the basic app set. By doing this, Apple has the potential to raise the amount of iBooks users to 300 million people worldwide.

Not to mention that the new iBooks app will allow readers to purchase ebooks directly from the app instead of being switched over to the App Store, smoothing out the buying process considerably. Add the Family Sharing feature to this equation, allowing Apple customers to share purchases (including ebooks) among their devices, and it becomes apparent that iOS 8 is reaffirming Apple’s commitment to the digital reading space.

Of course, only once we actually get our hands on an iPhone 6 will we truly be able to measure how significant the e-reading experience will be in this regard. But at this stage, it is safe to say that Apple has set the groundwork with the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 to further tweak its presence in the ebook chain and make it a better experience.

It will be interesting to observe how competitors will react to these improvements to the device and its applications — we’ll certainly be discussing this again down the road…

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