Improvements To The Statistics Section

There are various enhancements which have been brought to Cantook‘s Statistics section, such as to the custom period selection tool, as well as to various graphs and information displays. Here’s a quick rundown:

The custom period selection tool has been modified in order to:

  • Clarify the active period by keeping both the start and end dates continuously displayed, instead of showing only the end date
  • Offer shortcuts to the most frequently consulted periods
  • Allow the selection of custom periods

The following elements have also been improved:

  • The graph style has slightly changed to become an interactive line graph, which displays your data in a clearer and tidier way. By hovering your mouse cursor over the line, a small information display will appear detailing the date and the number of copies sold at this date.
  • The graph now contains information for the selected period only, as opposed to displaying a history of similar periods in the past.
  • The totals (number of copies sold and monetary value) are displayed more clearly at the top of the graph.

Log into your account and see the changes!

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