How To Take Advantage of Christmas Sales – Day 7

PropulsionSince we’re in the Holiday spirit, we have decided to offer you an Ebook Marketing Advent Calendar, where we will post daily tips on how to maximize your digital book sales in this season of e-reader and tablet gifting. Join us for a new one every day!

Day #7 Tip – Make your ebooks available for sale as quickly as you can

Readers are an impatient lot. They want to buy now. They see your ads in newspapers, they hear talk about your title on the radio, they skim through their favorite magazines and fall in love with the work… They want to the title right here, right now. So what are you waiting for? Sell it! Chances are they’ll discuss the ebook with friends, who are likely to head over to a bookstore themselves… Do not underestimate the impatient reader.

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