How To Take Advantage of Christmas Sales – Day 17

images (1)Since we’re in the Holiday spirit, we have decided to offer you an Ebook Marketing Advent Calendar, where we will post daily tips on how to maximize your digital book sales in this season of e-reader and tablet gifting. Join us for a new one every day!

Day #17 Tip – Analyze your sales statistics

It’s only once you have analyzed your statistics that you will get a good grasp of your ebooks’ sales cycles and trends. For example, let’s say you make changes in your metadata, make sure you take the time to analyze the impact of these changes by comparing sales data before and after you made them. Evalutate individual ebook sales, sales by genre, by series, by resellers – leave no stone unturned and uncover consistencies and differences to hone your marketing approach. Remember that De Marque’s team is available to help you get the most out of your data analysis.

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