How To Take Advantage of Christmas Sales – Day 14

images (1)Since we’re in the Holiday spirit, we have decided to offer you an Ebook Marketing Advent Calendar, where we will post daily tips on how to maximize your digital book sales in this season of e-reader and tablet gifting. Join us for a new one every day!

Day #14 Tip -Take advantage of Kobo’s strengths

Each reseller has strengths and weaknesses. Using their strengths to your advantage ensures your ebooks will have a better chance to make an impression. For Kobo, it’s all about making your e-reading experience as fluid as possible on all devices, therefore helping your digital life be all the more transparent. Here’s how to set yourself apart:

  1. Take advantage of promotions per genre
    Kobo usually has promotions per genre, tailored specifically for their various customer categories, segmented from database information they have collected. A good way to reach the readers you want!
  2. Follow titles that sell well
    Kobo usually fills its marketing emails with titles that are selling well. Follow these trends closely to stay on top of which ebooks are benefiting from this exposure.

Don’t hestitate to contact our team to get the most out of each reseller’s advantages!

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