How To Take Advantage of Christmas Sales – Day 13

elefun_xmass_fireplace_ss01Since we’re in the Holiday spirit, we have decided to offer you an Ebook Marketing Advent Calendar, where we will post daily tips on how to maximize your digital book sales in this season of e-reader and tablet gifting. Join us for a new one every day!

Day #13 Tip -Take advantage of Apple’s strengths

Each reseller has its ownstrengths and weaknesses. Using their strengths to your advantage is the best way for your ebooks to have a better chance to make an impression. For Apple, the reading experience is privileged, so here are some tips to stand apart:

  1. Respect all quality standards.
    The Apple quality assurance team ensures that each ebook complies to their criteria. Taking the time to make sure your titles are optimized for Apple will help improve the quality of your files for all your resellers.
  2. Take part in launch promotions.
    The iBookstore always has a focus on newly launched ebooks. Take advantage of all opportunities which come your way, like the Popular Pre-Orders section, book of the week, or seasonal sales.
  3. Feature your youth titles.
    Apple has very strict editorial policies where they only feature general public and youth/children’s titles. Make sure to use these to your advantage if you publish youth literature.

Don’t hestitate to contact our team to get the most out of each reseller’s advantages!


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