How To Take Advantage of Christmas Sales – Day 1

Advent Calendar - Day 1The Holiday season is upon us! What a wonderful time to renew with traditions of old, like gingerbread cookies, carolling… and advent calendars! Since we’re in the Holiday spirit, we have decided to offer you an Ebook Marketing Advent Calendar, where we will post daily tips on how to take fully advantage of this season of e-reader and tablet gifting to maximize your ebook sales.

Join us for a new one every day!

Day #1 Tip – Offer everything that’s available up for sale

You shouldn’t keep yourself from selling a title in PDF format just because it’s unavailable in ePub format! Even if ePubs are more enjoyable to read and are typically the consumer’s favored format, PDFs often find takers as well. You will also improve your title’s discoverability as well as your presence in online bookstores.

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