Frankfurt Trends 2013

The Frankfurt Book Fair is now behind us, and all agree that this show was one of the best of the decade. Over on his blog, Javier Celaya from, with whom we frequently collaborate, observes the following trends from the latest edition of this famous annual event.

  • “In a world where there are fewer bookstores, publishers should focus on the direct relationship with their readers” (Mark Dolhe, CEO of Penguin Random House). In other words: sell directly .
  • Beyond the bookstores: proliferation of new sales channels for both books and ebooks.
  • Creating communities of readers: In the digital age, publishers understand that it is imperative to have a direct relationship with their readers.
  • Self-publishing boom: a new source of income and a new way to “hook” new contract rights.
  • Purchase and sale of distribution rights and marketing of applications (and an application is not the same as an ebook).
  • Publishers are betting on more dynamic and competitive price policies for their ebooks.
  • The increase in budgets allocated to tools that enable publishers to analyze reader behaviour, in order to better define marketing and sales strategies.
  • A strong commitment to exporting ebooks. Pilot projects for in-house translation in different languages( Spanish, Chinese , German, etc.) and direct selling of this translation, without selling rights.
  • The new buzz word: The “social selling” of ebooks.
  • Increasing interest in semantic metadata to enhance the process of discovery and recommendation of books and authors.
  • Video , Video, Video: increased use of video ads and various audiovisual materials to promote books and authors.
  • Surprisingly, there wad no mention of the most repeated word in the publishing industry: piracy. Not that there is no problem, but we do not want to waste time talking about it. Publishers seem to have decided to fight via a wide range of products , competitive prices and many services around content.

[Free translation. To see the original article in Spanish, click here.]

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