De Marque’s successful first appearance at LIBER

De Marque was recently a participant in the LIBER international book fair, which was held in Barcelona from October 3 to 5, 2012. Despite the financial crisis currently roiling the Spanish economy, most of the major national publishers were present. Over 450 exhibitors from 15 countries, the majority of them Spanish-speaking, were on hand.

These publishers share the same concerns as do their counterparts in the rest of Europe. They acknowledge the economic imperative of maintaining exports of their national literature – an activity that helps preserve Spain’s trade balance. The 62 million books exported in 2009 brought in 578 million euros in revenue.

And although everyone agrees that the transition to digital is inescapable, these publishers are highly concerned about the various challenges inherent in ebook publishing, in particular issues related to intellectual property and fair taxation of digital versus paper. The country’s financial crisis is certainly not helping: The 21% tax charged on digital titles is slowing down expansion of the domestic market. This high level of taxation offsets price reductions on digital copies, which, in principle, would make purchasing books in this new format more attractive.

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