De Marque Consolidates Its Position As A Global Leader In Multilingual Ebook Distribution

Earlier this week, after two years of negotiations, De Marque concluded an important agreement with Libranda, the world’s largest distributor of Spanish-language ebooks.

With this agreement, not only will our homegrown Cantook technology be fully adopted by the 75 Spanish publishing houses, allowing them to manage their ebooks and, in turn, supply them to retailers and libraries, but De Marque also acquires a stake in the share capital of Libranda.

As you can assume, we’re pretty elated.


Agreement signing with all partners, earlier this semaine (Spain)

Just to put it in perspective: Libranda’s 75 publishers have pushed De Marque’s ebook catalog up to 100,000 titles, which stem from over 650 publishers and are available in over 300 retailers across Canada, France, Italy — and now Spain.

Marc Boutet, president and CEO, was thrilled at the culmination of the agreement, saying “this strategic partnership with Libranda consolidates our leading position on a global scale and also paves the way for new partnerships down the line.”

In other words, this is great news, creating even more exciting possibilities for our team!

By the way, this announcement was picked up by Le Soleil, who published an article stipulating that De Marque has positioned itself as the number one multilingual ebook distributor on the globe.

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