How to set the sales price for an ebook in a foreign market

In a previous post, we wrote that opening up multiple sales channels is one of the key factors for success in ebook marketing. Before you can sell in more than one territory, you need to set your sales price. This is an essential element of your marketing strategy. You have undoubtedly become an expert on … [Read more…]

Can the ebook subscription model be applied worldwide?

Which player will become the Netflix or Spotify of the ebook world? This question is often raised in articles about publishing, particularly because of the titles offered by many companies that have based their business model on unlimited access to books, sometimes for a subscription fee. Publishers who are part of this service are then … [Read more…]

Legal deposit for ebooks

A number of countries have enacted legislation intended to preserve their literary heritage, requiring publishers to deposit a few copies of their titles with an organization designated by the law for this purpose. This organization – usually the National Library – is then responsible for receiving, archiving and allowing access in perpetuity to the works. … [Read more…]

Success factors in the ebook publishing business

As the impetus behind an extensive network of publisher partners, De Marque is especially well positioned to draw up a portrait of publishers whose ebook marketing activities have been successful. We regularly compile statistical overviews on the use of Cantook, our ebook distribution platform. Today, we present the key characteristics common to publishers who know … [Read more…]

Agency and distribution contracts for ebook sales

I recently attended a training session on international contracts run by Micheline Dessureault, a lawyer at Jolicœur Lacasse. With a few general law courses in university under my belt, I found that this intensive, highly instructive two-day event refreshed my memory on various details that should be kept in mind when signing any type of … [Read more…]