Cantook Introduces All-New Series Management

Cantook now supports both series and collections metadata. A new tab has been created to take advantage of this functionality, which can be found under Metadata/Collections and series. The old Collection field, previously found in the Description section, has now been moved here.

  • A series is described by its name, a number (which is optional if the number is proprietary, but required if it’s an ISSN), a web site, and a description.
  • Titles attached to a series must have a number identifying their order in the series as well as the accompanying term for display (Tome 1, Issue 2, Article 3, and so on).
  • Only one collection and one series can be attributed to a single title.
  • It is possible to search within series, just as it is possible to search within collections, with the title’s filter tools.

Collection and series metadata is sent to connected booksellers via feeds through web services (collections were already being sent, so series will also be added), as well as to Apple, Amazon, Kobo, Casa del Libro, Barnes & Noble and Sony.

Be sure to make good use of these enhanced features!

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