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In preparation for the upcoming Conference of the Library and Information Community of Quebec, which will be held in Montreal from October 31 to November 2, De Marque has developed a procedure for use by library patrons. This multi-step guide is intended to support librarians as they work with users wishing to borrow ebooks.

A study published by the Pew Research Centre last June appears to suggest that library users looking to borrow ebooks do not have all of the necessary information on hand, and many of them feel the need for support as they switch to digital. The study also revealed that, although ebooks are now available for loan in three-quarters of all libraries in the U.S., only 12% of ebook readers have availed themselves of this option over the past year.

A high percentage (32%) of those who have not yet moved to digital would be interested in receiving training in how to download ebooks and use e-readers or tablets more proficiently.

Instructions for use
The process of borrowing an ebook is quite similar to signing out a print title. Here’s a simple guide that will help your library patrons through their first digital loan experience. Feel free to make use of it!

What devices can be used for reading ebooks?

  • Mobile phones (iPhones, Blackberrys, etc.)
  • E-readers (such as the Kobo or Sony Reader)
  • Tablets (e.g., iPads, Samsung, Microsoft)
  • Computers

What are the most common formats?
This format, specifically designed for on-screen reading, automatically adjusts to the screen size of the reading device used.

This format is static, i.e., it maintains the publication’s original layout.

Tip: If both formats are available, choose ePub!

For how long can an ebook be loaned out?
The number of days in a loan period (usually 21 days) is set by the library. The books are chronodegradable: At the end of the loan period, they become unreadable.

Before an ebook is loaned out
Ebooks available through libraries are protected by a digital “lock” (a DRM). Here’s the key to opening them.

[styled_box title=”1. Create your Adobe account.” type=”sb” class=””]
Go to

This account provides you with an identifier that you can use to open your books on your various e-reading devices.
[styled_box title=”2. Download the specific reading application for your device.” type=”sb” class=””]
– Computer: Adobe Digital Editions
– iPad : Bluefire Reader, available from the AppStore
– Kobo Reader : Adobe Digital Editions, for installation on your computer

For a complete guide, visit

How to borrow an ebook
1. Access your library’s website.
2. Use your identification codes (provided by the library) to browse the ebooks catalogue.
3. Once you have decided on a title, click on “Borrow”.
4. Enter your email address so you can receive the link for downloading the book (if borrowing for the first time).
5. Click on the link that was emailed to you. The book will open up in the correct reading application.
6. Start reading!

In case of difficulty or if you have any questions
Visit the Help section of the website or contact your local library staff.

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