Social media and books

Since most books are now available in digital format, making them accessible—ensuring that readers can discover and buy them easily—is an essential part of the process. Ensuring that readers can discover the titles they’re interested in means, of course, that they have to be highly visible in places where people buy their ebooks: on-line bookstores, … [Read more…]

Salon du livre de Montréal – digital is "going mainstream »

While print books undoubtedly remain the Salon’s primary focus, signs of a market in metamorphosis are ubiquitous: the number of visitors holding iPads, ereaders set up at booths and posters everywhere vying for people’s attention. Another indication was various publishers who quietly shared their astonishment at seeing ebooks account for as much as 5% of … [Read more…]

Setting a fair price for our books − The right balance between culture and speculation

With hardcopy book sales, logistic complexity coupled with printing and book handling costs generally kept the excessive behaviour of isolated players to a minimum (although, in some cases,…); ebooks, however, have taken us into the realm of the intangible — a world where retailers quite often “morph” into financial speculators, plain and simple. Some major … [Read more…]

Essential numbers to give a clearer picture

Last week, on his blog La Feuille, L’édition à l’heure de l’innovation [The written page – publishing in today’s era of innovation] (part of Le, Hubert Guillaud discussed platform transparency, a topic that’s very important to developing the digital publishing market. Picking up the thread of Baldur Bjarnason’s piece Ebook publishing platforms are a … [Read more…]