10 Predictions For Ebooks And Digital Publishing In 2014


The team from Digital Book World recently released their list of 10 predictions for Ebooks and Digital Publishing in 2014. As the title of their article stipulates, these predictions are quite bold indeed, but they set the stage for what is going to doubtlessly be an exciting year for the industry.

Here’s a summary of their predictions. Of course, you can read the article to get their analysis of each of their statements.

  1. Barnes & Noble will close or sell Nook and go private
  2. Amazon will go the way of Barnes & Noble…and open its own physical stores in 2014
  3. Trade publishers will sell and acquire assets to “verticalize” their businesses
  4. The illustrated book business will become severely challenged
  5. Publishers will go after new revenue streams as ebook revenue growth continues to taper
  6. More publishers will endorse the subscription ebook model by doing business with Oyster, Scribd and other similar services
  7. More publishers will launch magazines and websites catering to reader interests and start selling ebooks directly to customers
  8. Publishers will move toward data-drive decision making
  9. More price experimentation
  10. The “big five” publishers will make their full ebook catalogs available to libraries for purchase

What do you think?

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